General Aims & Objectives

The Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands calls for:








The promotion of the Midlands as a place to make TV, radio and film









A far more equitable and transparent distribution of all broadcasting revenues across all nations and regions








The broadcasters to accurately and positively reflect the Midlands' rich and diverse cultural output and to provide more visibility for the people and places of this region








 The BBC to create a National Radio Drama Centre of Excellence in Birmingham








The devolution of broadcasting expenditure in England from the centre








 The creation of a Midlands fund for TV drama and film making








Increasing employment, training and investment in facilities by the national broadcasters in the Midlands, commensurate with the size of the region and to return a fairer proportion of the revenues that are generated here








Programme makers to employ existing creative talent for commissions in the region








The creation of a public or private sector facilities centre (to encourage commissions and production)








A greater share of regional commissions for Midlands based independents