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We firmly believe the BBC must make a firmer commitment to this region. We estimate that Licence Fee payers in the BBC's Midlands region contributed £942 million in licence fee payments in 2014, but saw only £80 million of that spent on making TV & radio programmes from it.


Having analysed information provided by the BBC in 'The Economic Value of the BBC' report (published January 2013); The BBC Annual Report (2014) and 'Driving efficiencies at the BBC' (November 2014) then it seems that the Midlands is getting a particularly raw deal. For instance, we see the lowest amount of regional spending in the UK (just £12.40 for each licence fee payer in 2014. Much lower than any other nation & region).


Granted, recent announcements - which include moving the BBC Academy and various HR teams to Birmingham during 2015 - will see an increase expenditure. We estimate that provided no further cuts are made to programme making budgets in the region, that expenditure per licence fee payer will increase to some £14.40 by 2016. Still a long way behind any other nation or region.



We want to see a much fairer, 50% share of our licence fee coming back into the Midlands region to support programme makers, regional jobs and to help raise the profile of this fascinating, talented and highly populated region...



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