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We firmly believe the BBC must make a firmer commitment to this region. We estimate that Licence Fee payers in the BBC's Midlands & East region contributed £896 million in licence fee payments in 2019/20, but we estimate generously that only £128 million was spent in the region.


Put another way, spending in the region accounts for just £19.39 for each Midlands licence fee. It is the lowest share of in-region spending for anywhere in the UK. Which also means that the MIdlands & East is contributing £138 per licence fee to spending elsewhere (mainly to London). 


The BBC Annual Reports for the last 6 years running, have revealed that network televsion spending in the Midlands receives the lowest share in the UK. In 2019/20 that share was a measly 2.8%. Whilst spending in London accounted for a 49.3% share, the North saw 14%, the South 9.8%, Scotland 9.1%, Wales 8.2%, and Northern Ireland 3.5%.


Yet, the Midlands & East region accounts for 25% of the UK population. The region with the most licence fee payers, receives the lowest BBC spending. 




We want to see a much fairer, 50% share of our licence fee coming back into the Midlands region to support programme makers, regional jobs and to help raise the profile of this fascinating, talented and highly populated region...



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