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The Campaign was formed in February 2013, following a launch meeting that was held in Birmingham, attended by over 100 people.


Guest speakers included the celebrated playwright David Edgar, who spoke about the talent that is to be found in the region, and Neil Hillman, MD of The Audio Suite , Birmingham based sound engineers to many international film makers, who spoke about the proud history of broadcasting in the region and the potential that the sector offers to the local economy.


At the meeting, we launched our first petition, calling upon the Director General of the BBC to reverse many years of cutbacks to spending and programme making in the region. Having garnered over 4,000 signatures, the petition was presented to the BBC by Midlands MPs at a meeting held at the House of Commons, October 2013.


We also released our first major analysis of BBC spending across all the nations & regions. Since the launch, various meetings have been held with MPs from all major parties, business groups, arts groups, local MPs and councillors. 


In recent years, we have widened our Campaigning and have asked ITV and Channel 4 to increase their coverage of the region. We have responded to the recent Ofcom: Small Screen, Bid Debate consultation, and we have written our own response to Across the Uk, the BBC proposal to get closer to the nations and regions. We acknowledge that some steps will be made to reverse the decline of the BBC in its biggest region, but we believe that much more can be done.


Our mailing list includes 2,500 supporters. To join them, simply go Contact us to send an email or use the contact form. We also invite you to join over 1,000 followers on Twitter, or to join our Facebook page.


Please see FAQs for more information about our aims.



The Campaign's Orbit symbol emphasises that there are more than one or two English regions. The Midlands is not the north and it is not the south. It is an important, substantial centre of population, commerce, industry and the arts in its own right, at the heart of the nation.


The Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands is coordinated by a number of people with quite different backgrounds. We are ordinary licence fee payers, programme makers, actors, crafts people and others who have a passion for the region or the future of broadcasting in the UK. Some of us have campaigned individually on the issue at various times in recent years and are now united, to promote the sector in the region.


We warmly invite you to join the campaign. Please Contact us if you would like to get involved or would like to share your ideas.





The website is managed by Michael Bradley and Tracey Briggs, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Campaign.


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