Supporters' messages

On this page, we will post the messages of support (with permission) that the campaign is receiving. We have been encouraged by the support already provided to the campaign by certain MP's from all parties, certain local councillors, leaders of business and industry. We have also been encouraged by the interest that has been shown by various Midlands based community and voluntary groups.

How to demonstrate your support

Please do consider sending a short  message of support (we recommend no more than 100 words). Simply use the Contact Form (go to Contact us) and state clearly that you want your message to be displayed.



" As my home town is Smethwick in the West Midlands and I remember with fondness working in 'Boys from the Blackstuff' made from BBC Birmingham, I wholeheartedly support this campaign.  There are many young talented people in my home region who should not be overlooked by the BBC."

Julie Walters, Actor

"Birmingham has incredible talent and culture. We need the BBC to be able to express this to the world. As a city, Birmingham is the friendliest place I know and it deserves to be a media centre of excellence".


Toyah Wilcox, Actor & singer

" I'm a prize-winning dramatist of some 50 years standing (stage, radio, tv), and a screenwriter - so have a professional interest in the talents of this very diverse region. The increasingly London-centred output (Manchester is a 'token') is causing a perceivable cultural aridity.”


David Rudkin, Playwright

" The people of Birmingham especially the young, have so much to give. Please don't deprive this country's second city, the right to have some of the BBC represented here. We lost Pebble Mill which was devastating for Birmingham, replaced by the new set up at the Mail Box.. We can not afford to lose this now. Enough. We must keep our BBC. "

Ruby Turner, Singer

" I was privileged to work on several award winning drama productions based out of BBC Birmingham from 1993 until 2007. I have had to watch, disbelievingly, as what was a hotbed of quality drama production has been systematically dismantled to the point where virtually nothing remains, and all the outstanding people that I worked with, particularly on the crew and on post-production, have been forced to relocate or leave the industry entirely. This is not only a shabby betrayal of a region that elevated BBC Drama to the heights that it once achieved, but also a near sighted failure to appreciate all the overwhelmingly positive reasons to invest in a strong drama base in the Midlands.”

 Colin Buchanon, Actor

" Many of us in the Midlands love the BBC and have felt proud of the regional programmes that have been made ,sourced and broadcast from this regional centre. The disenfranchisement of 10 million people in the Midlands should not be ignored. In fact as more of us realise the true impact of these changes and how the BBC is abandoning the wonderful talent here, the more of an issue it becomes. In fact it will grow and grow. Let's take a stand now for all in the BBC to listen to us in the Midlands. "

Sandra Walton OBE.