Petition @ Increase BBC investment in the Midlands



If you agree that the BBC should increase its spending on network television and radio production in the Midlands & East - to bring the region to parity with other parts of the UK - please add your voice. 


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In 2022, the BBC allocated a paltry 2.7% share of its network television expenditure to the Midlands & East. The lowest share of anywhere in the UK, as it had been for 8 of the last 9 years!


We pay the same licence fee as anywhere else, but get so much less back by way of production investment and representation. Something must change.


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Here is an extract of what the petition asks for...

"The Midlands is a distinct and vibrant part of the country, not a no man's land between the North and South. Midlanders cannot be expected to remain loyal to the BBC while getting back the very least - or sit by as talent is forced to leave for parts of the UK where their licence fee is actually being spent. That is why we demand the following:

  • The BBC sets out a detailed and comprehensive plan for how it will reinvest the Doctors budget within the region.
  • The BBC must also set out a long-term plan for how it will increase investment in the Midlands so that parity with other regions is finally achieved.
  • These plans should include a guaranteed level of production (including scripted) so that the private sector has the necessary confidence to build new facilities.
  • Investment must be done in a way that creates jobs based in the Midlands, grows the creative economy, and allows talent to build sustainable careers in their own region.

We’ve seen what amazing things the BBC has done for other parts of the UK once it set its mind to it. We now ask the BBC to apply the same ambition, dedication, and focus to the heart of our country.