Welcome to the Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands

The Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands is a community grassroots campaign that aims to  promote the Midlands as a place to create and make television, radio & film. There has been a gradual migration away from the region by the major broadcasters and as a result, this important, diverse and highly populated region is now virtually absent from the airwaves.


See us on the weather map!  


In fact, regional broadcasting in the UK is now so unbalanced that during peak times, the only time you will see the Midlands on national television is on the weather map. And as for national radio then the region is virtually silenced.



The region that cannot speak its name


We are at a loss to understand why this highly populated, economically important region, with its richly diverse culture, at the centre of the country's transport infrastructure and so close to virtually everywhere, home to the second largest conurbation in the land - and many other medium sized cities - is virtually ignored by the media establishment.



To be or, maybe not to be


If Shakespeare (or a budding writer) was living in Warwickshire today, he (or she) would still need to turn to London if they wanted a TV or radio commission for a new play. That is of course, if they were to be discovered in Warwickshire in the first place. This is no comedy, rather, it's a tragedy. There is something rotten with the state of regional broadcasting today.   



Anyone might think the broadcasters are ashamed of us!


- The BBC and ITV no longer operate any network TV studios in the region

- Pebble Mill is long gone

- ITV and BBC feature no peak-time programme making whatsoever from the region


Other broadcasters fare only a little better when it comes to spending money with independent producers in the Midlands or representing it at a national level 


A region of firsts


At one time, the Midlands was at the very heart of the broadcasting nation with the first regional BBC radio station, the first regional BBC television transmitter and of course, the first regional ITV station.


However, years of continual cutbacks to facilities, jobs and commissioning - with a curiously timid response from many who have represented us - have led to a situation which is now unfair and inequitable.


Increasingly, there are now many people - ranging from licence fee payers through to business leaders and some MPs and council leaders from across the region - who share these concerns and who have a real passion for the future of the Midlands. We are being overwhelmed with emails and support and this campaign is growing.